The Center for Relational Change is a growing group therapy practice of licensed clinicians grounded in a systemic and holistic approach of healing. We are a vibrant, experienced, skilled group of clinicians continuously seeking other licensed therapists and practitioners dedicated to helping individuals, couple and families work through life’s challenges. If you are interested in joining the practice, candidates must be licensed to practice independently at a master’s level or higher in the Commonwealth of PA.

To apply, submit a resume and cover letter highlighting your experience, expertise and areas of specialty, as well as your understanding and application of systemic and holistic treatment. Please email cover letters and resumes to DeMarquis Clarke at d.clarke [at] centerforrelationalchange.com.

Internships Available

The internship program at The Center for Relational Change offers internships to current master’s level students interested in gaining experience providing individual, group, family, and couple/marriage therapy. Interns will work to create their own caseload by offering therapy at a reduced fee to potential clients, sit in on cases with experienced therapists, participate as a co-therapist, work with their own client(s), as well as create and facilitate their own group(s). Interns obtain experience working within a group practice while also gaining necessary clinical hours, supervision and mentorship.

The goal of our internship program is to assist interns to achieve the competency level expected at their current level of training and to prepare them for more advanced training. At the Center for Relational Change, we believe the achievement of competently trained therapists means more than theoretical or interventional knowledge. It means that the individuals have acquired an appreciation and respect for diversity in our society, an understanding of how stigmatization and prejudice manifest and affect the individual and society, an understanding of who they are as people and therapists, a value on the centrality of relationships, and how all of this impacts treatment.

For more specific information regarding our internship program, please contact us at 412-301-5221 or info@centerforrelationalchange.com

The Center for Relational Change is a group practice in Pittsburgh, PA, where clinicians conduct therapy with individuals, couples and families. Clinicians have over 15 years of clinical experience working with individuals, couples, and families.

The philosophy of therapy at the Center for Relational Change is both collaborative and holistic. Clinicians view therapy as a collaboration between their clients and themselves. In addition to resolving the client’s specific concerns, Clinicians hope to empower their clients with the ability to enrich their overall quality of life beyond problem solving. They believe successful therapy embodies deep and abiding respect for the client’s uniqueness, coupled with profound emotional and psychological presence, and the mastery of a wide range of therapeutic skills on the part of the therapist. They also believe in a holistic approach to therapy. They believe it is essential for therapeutic growth to consider the mind, body, and spirit, all of which construct the path we choose in our daily walk through life.